International Students Services

Your preferred partner for your children’s eduction

We provide services to overseas students to study in Singapore. Diong Employment Consultancy aims to deliver convenience to all our students who have the intention to further their studies in Singapore.


Our students are mainly from Asia countries, including China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Brunei, Thailand, India and so on.

  • Parents can be rest assured that their children will be receiving proper attention and will be enrolled into local schools with our extensive experience. 

  • We provide services to assist overseas students to study in local and international school in Singapore.

  • There are different types of lodging you can choose from, i.e Private condo, public housing. We can recommend and find one that suits your needs.

  • We can also assist to arrange for the students to live with a Singaporean family.

  • Students can also obtain a recognized foreign university degree without having to travel to a Western country.

  • AEIS Preparatory Class

  • We also can assist to help students in getting additional tuition.  Students will be mentored, tutored and motivated to perform better academically.

Overhead view of young people standing together looking up at camera with their arms raised. University students cheering.